The History of Our Charity

West Derby Waste Lands Charity Is An Ancient Philanthropic Venture Steeped In History.

The charity´s origins go back to 1753. It was this year that certain lands in the West Derby area were leased to Trustees. The appointed Trustees were responsible for the proper care and attention of the properties and the lands under their authority, for the granting of leases, the collection of rents and also the distribution of grants.

At that time, West Derby was sparsely populated and was an agricultural district with clusters of houses in the village. The original area of land comprised 231 acres.

The initial charitable scheme was drawn up in 1874 and after selling the properties in 1999 the Trustees have invested the proceeds. It is the income from these investments that funds the charitable grants given today.

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Registered Address
West Derby Waste Lands Charity
Ripley House
56 Freshfield Road
L37 3HW

01704 879330

Terms & Conditions
Applications will only be considered from individuals or groups who live or are based within the designated area, or whose activities are of demonstrable benefit to individuals or groups within the area. All applications are subject to appropriate enquiry. Letters of support will be required if the application is being sponsored. Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees of the Charity. The Trustees are not obliged to enter into any correspondence concerning declined grant applications.