West Derby Waste Lands Charity

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West Derby Waste Lands Charity exists to provide financial support and assistance for individuals, groups and other charities within the West Derby Waste Lands area. The area includes parts but not all of L7, L11, L12, L13 & L14.

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Our aim is to help enhance, benefit and improve the lives, health, welfare and general wellbeing of people in the West Derby Waste Lands area. We work towards the relief of poverty and general benefit of the inhabitants. This extends to the young, old, infirm, those in financial difficulties, and a wide range of community based activities.

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For either a Community Grant or a Personal Grant download the appropriate application form or request one by calling 01704 879330.

Registered Address
West Derby Waste Lands Charity
Ripley House
56 Freshfield Road
L37 3HW

01704 879330

Terms & Conditions
Applications will only be considered from individuals or groups who live or are based within the designated area, or whose activities are of demonstrable benefit to individuals or groups within the area. All applications are subject to appropriate enquiry. Letters of support will be required if the application is being sponsored. Grants are awarded at the discretion of the Trustees of the Charity. The Trustees are not obliged to enter into any correspondence concerning declined grant applications.